Monday, December 22, 2014

Some Brainard Holiday Pictures - #Christmas

Here are some pictures taken over the weekend, including a couple taken from our rooftop deck, and Doug Noble's Christmas party. Aside from seeing old friends, I was happy to see Doug's patio, decorated in the Mexican style, with decorative items from San Miguel Allende, Mexico, where we had vacationed not too long ago.

 To followup on my earlier question on whether I'll send Christmas cards or email E-cards, here's the answer -- I sent out a few cards. Even though E-cards can be cute, there's a somewhat impersonal feeling to them. At least, one puts more effort with hard copy Christmas cards. I'm sorry trees ....

This last group photo was taken in San Miguel Allende last month - l-r: Hilary Walling, Cecilia Brainard, Lauren Brainard, Doug Noble

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