Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Cheer with Maryknoll Friends in California

I had lunch recently with Maryknoll College chums, Lucy Adao McGinley and Maria Navarro Ciocon. We were Communication Arts majors at Maryknoll College, Quezon City, and have remained friends since college days. The above pictures shows l-r: Cecilia, Maria, and Lucy.

We share memories of our German Professor, Dr. Wolfgang Harting, who with his wife treated us like their daughters. There also were Doctora Patron and the Communication Arts Ateneo boys who used to "cross the creek" (meaning, they came to our school) to attend classes with us. We girls used to spend so much time fussing with our hair and makeup before those co-ed classes.

Mr. Magsaysay taught us Spanish, and he allowed us, the Communication Arts majors, to skip finals in our senior year, in lieu of our putting on a program in the Lanai. We did poetry reading and Flamenco dancing and got A's. (Our other classmates who had to memorize all those verb forms were somewhat bitter!)

We had a lot of fun in school, and surprisingly, we also learned from those Maryknoll nuns and other fine teachers.

I am hosting a literary soiree later today, and will let you know how that goes.

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