Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Santa Monica, California: If It's Tuesday, It's Meals on Wheels Day

The storm hit Southern California as predicted and so it was wet and cold when my husband Lauren and I delivered food for Meals on Wheels West. My husband is a volunteer for this non-profit organization, and when I can, I help him. The job took one and a half hours to do. 

The people who receive the meals are not necessarily poor; in fact many of them live in swanky apartments in Santa Monica; but they are all home bound. Some are recuperating from surgery or some illness and will get better -- others will not, and are in a sense buying time to be able to live in their own homes.
They are all very grateful when we bring the food, and this also makes us feel good.

After doing the volunteer work, we stopped by Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica to get sandwiches - they make excellent sandwiches.  Try their Godmother some time, the hot version.

The rest of the day was spent indoors because of the rain.

It was lovely to see the rain and to hear the water on our tiled roof. I can feel my plants and the earth happily soaking up all that water. We've been through a dry spell for a long time.

The storm is expected to continue for most of this week. The rain is very welcome but the landslides in some areas are causing a lot of havoc.

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