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True Story: A Ghost Story, from Joan Cuyugan Bohlmann

I had an interesting chat about ghosts with Joan Cuyugan Bohlmann. She and I can "feel" supernatural presence.  I promise to write about my own experiences, but I have Joan's permission to share her story about "The Pink Lady Ghost."  

I hope you enjoy it. And if you have a ghost story yourself, email it to me, Cbrainard@aol.com.

From Joan Cuyugan Bohlmann

Here is my ghost story that I promised to send you. There have been many instances of seeing a ghost but this one stands out.

The year was most likely 1993 although now I can't say for sure. It was the month of August when my son Juno was off school for the summer.  He and I would spend a whole month in Manila and stay with my good friend Liza (also from Zurich) whose son Mark was Juno's age and a good friend, too.  Liza had a house in Pacdal, Baguio, and when we were in town, we would drive up there and stay a few days.

We would usually leave Manila early so that it would still be light arriving in Baguio, but for some reason this time we left later and arrived in the evening.

Tired from our drive up, the two boys sat in front of the television in the sala (living room), and I sat on the couch behind them to rest.  Liza's house had four bedrooms downstairs -- three were off of the hallway with one room at each end, one midway, and one of them (at one end of the hall) was called the pink room because everything in it was pink.

So there I was, watching TV with the boys, when out of the corner of my left eye, I saw a silhouette slowly floating from one end of the hallway heading into the pink room.  At first I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, tired from the drive up and all. But I turned my head to the left and looked at it squarely: it was the silhouette of an older lady, fine profile, hair up in a bun, square shoulders, wearing a baro't saya, floating slowly towards the pink room and finally disappearing as she passed the door. 

What a eerie moment!  I didn't move or say anything because I didn't really want to scare the boys who were oblivious to what I had just seen, so I sat there for a few more minutes and later went to my room to settle in.

The following morning, at the breakfast table, my friend Liza said, "I wonder why the "Pink Lady" hasn't shown herself to me yet?" 

I asked Liza what the "Pink Lady" looked like, “just curious,” I said.  She proceeded to describe her to me.  I told Liza, "I saw her last night.  She floated into the pink room.  I didn't say anything because I didn't want to scare the boys."

My brother Carlos was visiting us that same day, and Liza assigned him the pink room.  We decided not to tell him anything and see if he would "feel" her at some point. 

When Carlos arrived later that day, he slept in the pink room.  The next morning we asked him if he had felt anything that night. He said he didn't. 

I guess the Pink Lady didn't want everybody to catch a glimpse of her.  I thought she was a beautiful woman, tall and statuesque.  I would have wanted to know who she was, when she lived in the house and what happened to her, but there was no one to ask.  It remains a mystery. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my little encounter with a beautiful ghost!
Joan Cuyugan Bohlmann

Bio: Joan Cuyugan Bohlmann lives a quiet life in Redondo Beach, California, one of the small cities that makes up the "South Bay", a few miles South of Los Angeles airport.  In her younger days she lived in Zurich, Switzerland and left there in 1997 to move back to America. She has lived here with her husband Gene, ever since.  A reluctant empath, she loves to read about people's experiences with ghosts and is happy to share one with you.

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